Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

A Friend for Jimmy the Porcupine

    Once upon a time, in the dark wood of Nowhere Land there was a porcupine named Jimmy who walked alone. He looked sad. “I am lonely. I don’t have a friend. I want a friend, I need a friend.” He whispered to himself.
    Along the way, he met Donny Squirrel, “Good morning Mr. Squirrel,” said Jimmy. When the squirrel saw him, he ran and climbed the tree. Then, peek down to see Jimmy. “Don’t be scared Mr. Squirrel, I just want to be your friend”, said Jimmy. “I’m sorry; I don’t want to be you friend. You might hurt me with your spines,” replied Donny.
    Jimmy continued his walk. He was still sad. Then, he met Lucy Beaver. Jimmy asked Lucy to be his friend. “No” said Lucy. “You are too scary.”
    Jimmy continued his walk sadly. He walked and walked too the edge of the wood. He finally arrived at the seashore. Then, he met Lilo Turtle.
    “You look so sad, why?” asked Lilo to Jimmy.
    “Nobody wants to be my friend. I know that I am scary and have sharp spines,” said Jimmy sadly. “I want to ask you too, but I know it’s useless,”  he added.
    “I want to be your friend,” said Lilo.
Jimmy was surprised by Lilo’s answer. He did not believe what he has just heard.
    “I am sorry, would you mind to repeat that again?” asked Jimmy.
    “I want to be you friend,” replied Lilo
    “Really,” asked Jimmy again.
    “Yes” said Lilo. “Don’t you see, I have a shell on my back? It will protect me  from your spine,” added Lilo. “We can meet each other, talking, walking,  and playing everyday. That what’s friend do, isn’t it?”
    Finally, Jimmy found a friend who understands him. Jimmy wasn’t lonely anymore. They walk along the seashore happily. 

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